Bulgarian Association of Traders of Agromachinery – BATA Agro is a professional organization that brings together companies, authorized by the manufacturer to import and distribution of self-propelled and attached agrotechnics in the territory of Bulgaria.

BATA AGRO was established in 2005.


  • Creation of modern conditions for the development, in our country, of importation and sale of agrarian equipment and any other activities and factors involved in its use under optimal ecological effect;
  • Creation of the conditions necessary to observe the principles of loyal competence between importers of agrarian equipment to Bulgaria and their distributors in the country;
  • Presentation of the proposals discussed on sessions and formulated by the Managing Board regarding its members’ activities for the timely analyzing by the relevant competent authorities.

The Association shall use the following resources to achieve its purposes:

  • Organizing discussions and development of standpoints on drafts of legislative acts and resolutions, provision of opinions on projects for new and amendments to already existing regulatory documents related to the achievement of the aims, functions and tasks of the Bulgarian Association of Traders of Agro Machinery (BATA AGRO);
  • Arrangements of independent expert’s appraisal of technical decisions related to commercialization, use and service of agrarian equipment;
  • Organization of joint activities for its members, expositions of agrarian equipment, etc. of their interest;
  • Development of programs  and proposition to the competent government authorities of projects of adoption of regulatory documents, providing maximum ecologic purity when agrarian equipment is used;
  • Development and submission to the relevant government authorities to approve a system of certificates  of technical and ecologic level in the importation of agrarian equipment, in compliance with the existing certificates in the European Union;
  • Development and offering to its members norms of team-spirit and ethics in the agrarian equipment trade; organization together with the respective branch chambers and unions, state and public organizations of adequate forms of protection of the interests of the owners agrarian equipment against the poor quality of trade and repairs, spare parts, fuels, etc., dishonesty and violation of standards;
  • Assistance provided to the relevant state authorities by active proposals and standpoints in the development and updating of laws and other regulatory acts related to the development of agriculture, technical standards, etc;
  • Organization under its members’ request and in their interest of advertising activities, demonstrations of new technologies, samples, products, etc., against payment;
  • Collection and synthesis of information regarding the sale of agrarian equipment provided by its members, by other market players and by the competent institutions, and its submission  for use by its members and for publication by selected mass media;
  • Representation of its members before any public and state authorities regarding any issues related to the common objectives;
  • Representation of BATA in international events with similar purposes, without prejudice of the direct participation of its members;
  • Protection of the interests of its members before the respective government and other organizations in the case of unfair competition, monopolism and commercial disloyalty by Bulgarian and foreign companies and entities and from any other acts contradictory to law and obstructive to their business;
  • Voluntary and out-of-court settlement of disputes between Association’s members.