The Specialized Agricultural Exhibition BATA AGRO is the largest fair in Bulgaria presenting machinery and products for agriculture. The exhibition has been organized since 2010, and over the years it has won the trust of thousands of farmers with good organization, variety of exhibits and loyal merchants.

In the latest edition of BATA AGRO in 2022 participated 163 companies over 35,000 square meters exhibition area. The exhibition was attended by 14,606 people.

The following branches are represented on BATA AGRO:

  • Agricultural machinery and equipment (tractors, harvesters, mowers, sprayers, fertilizers, seeders, headers, trailers, harrows, cultivators, strawberries, mills)
  • Irrigation systems (irrigation, drip irrigation)
  • Wood and wood processing
  • Seeds, PPPs and fertilizers (seeds, nurseries, landscaping, gardens)
  • Greenhouses and greenhouses
  • Fodder industry (silos, thermal control, feed, forage harvesters)
  • Financial institutions (banks, leasing)
  • Consulting services
  • Measuring instruments (scales)
  • Cleaning equipment (water-jets, steam cleaners)
  • Repair equipment
  • Warehouse equipment
  • Construction components, construction equipment
  • Tools, spare parts and consumables (oils, filters, bearings, fuels, tires, wheels)
  • Cars (cars, trucks, pickups, tractors)

Stara Zagora Airport, Stara Zagora, Kolyo Ganchev Dist.
GPS coordinates: 42.385640, 25.648767

The 15th Specialized Agricultural Exhibition BATA AGRO will take place from 15th of May to 19th of May in 2023 with the following operating hours:

Monday-Thursday (15-18 May) – 09:00 – 18:00h

Friday (19 May) – 09:00 – 14:00 h


You can find a map of BATA AGRO 2023 here


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The updated catalogue of exhibitors at BATA AGRO 2023 will be published in April 2023.

You can see exhibitors at the previous edition of BATA AGRO in 2022, their business presentation and contacts here:

View the photos from BATA AGRO editions in the last years.

Visit of the Specialized Agricutlrual Exhibition BATA AGRO is free.

Visitors are required to pre-register online or on-site during the days of the exhibit.

Detailed information for exhibition space, prices, registration, etc. is available here


For further information and registration assistance, please contact us:
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